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Thoughts of You By Rick

The idea of missing your greeting at the airport had left me somewhat disappointed, but I could see why you wouldn't want to take the shuttle back and forth in so short a period of time. After all, we had the next two days together and this would only cause a delay of a couple of hours.

As I deplaned, I still looked for you, in case you had changed your mind, but you were nowhere to be seen. After a short sigh (I know, you had warned me) I raced to the baggage claim and the phone bank. I didn't want to miss the next shuttle and have to wait for an extra hour at the airport. After calling the hotel and letting them know I was in, I phoned again and asked for your room.

"Hello..." came your incredibly sexy voice, the one that I knew so well...the one that I have listened to several times while fantasizing about you...

"Hi, darlin'..." I replied. "I just got in and will be there just as soon as the shuttle gets me there."

"Hi, Rick!" you responded enthusiasticly. "We're in room 217."

"Oh, good, I was hoping you weren't going to want to meet in the lobby, or in the lounge. It's been a long day and I really wanted to grab a shower before we hit the lounge."

"Well, I kind of figured that would be pointless, since we both showed up here," you teased. I could almost see the '' show up on the monitor...

"Okay, love, I'll see you soon..."

Even though it was only a few minutes, it seemed like an eternity before the shuttle showed up. I had been rehearsing the scene of our meeting in my mind for the last couple of weeks, every time a different way, and I really had no idea how it would turn out. 'No sense worrying about it now,' I told myself... 'Whatever happens, happens...and after all, there are still two beds...'

Standing in front of the door, I looked up at the number...217. My heart was racing as I knocked at the door. It opened almost at once and my heart stopped fact it almost stopped all together. At last, I was finally able to see you face to face and you were just as beautiful as I had imagined. Sure we had sent pictures, but you still never know until that first face to face meeting. What was more important was the smile on your face and the twinkle in your eye indicated that you weren't disappointed either.

Our attire was quite a contrast. I was still in the clothes I had worn to work that morning. A pair of casual dress Dockers, dress shirt and the promised Mickey Mouse tie. You had gotten comfortable in a scoop neck top, that both gently revealed and hugged your lovely breasts, and shorts. "I hope you're not disappointed with what I'm wearing, but I just couldn't handle being in something 'dressy'." How could I be disappointed, I wondered. Your hard nipples were pressing against the fabric of your top...the largest nipples it has ever been my pleasure to observe...indicating nothing underneath. My mind obviously wondered about your shorts, as well, but I would find out about that later, I was sure.

"Not in the slightest," I assured you. "In fact, after my shower, I intend to get just as comfortable, unless you want to head down to the lounge afterward."

"Hmmm, let's just see what develops..." you said with a smile. With that, you leaned toward me and our lips found each other in a soft, gentle kiss. My fingers glided through your hair, pulling you more firmly against my lips. After a moment, our lips parted slightly and my tongue traced the outline of your lips. The tips of our tongues lightly mingled, then explored each other's mouths. Not urgently, just inquisitively...

Breaking away...not without considerable effort...I said, "Ahem...I guess I better take that shower..."

With a feigned look of disappointment, you said, "Well, okay, if it will make you feel better, go ahead..."

Once in the shower, my breathing somewhat back to normal, I reveled in the feeling of the steaming water running down my body. Soaking my head, I lathered up with shampoo and washed away the cares of the day. Rinsing the suds out of my eyes, I reached for the soap and began to rub it over my chest.

"Let me do that..." you whispered from behind me...not startling me, but certainly pleasing me. I turned to you and my eyes took in your nakedness. No more the 'perfect' body than mine is, but certainly a sensual, curvacious and very sexy one. You took the soap from me and slowly rubbed it around in your hands, creating a lather, then rubbed lather, soap and hands over my chest. God, Cindy, I'd dreamed of this moment for what seems forever and at last, here we were. My cock began to harden at your touch upon my body. Your touch on my chest was just right as you circled my nipples. I have rather small nipples, but they were very responsive to your touch, hardening beneath it. As the spray of the water flowed over my shoulders, rinsing the lather from me, your lips went to my hardened nipples, gently taking them in your teeth and nibbling on them, your body pressed against mine, your legs spread slightly allowing my now totally erect cock to slide between them, the upper ridge pressing against your pussy, caressing your clit in the process.

My hands went to your hips and gently followed the curve of your body to your lovely breasts...those breasts I have longed to hold, caress and taste since that first time you told me they were your best feature. Delicately I cupped them, first from the sides, then circled underneath and raised them to my lips. The tip of my tongue darted out, flicking against your incredible nipples, first just the tips...then completely circling them with my tongue...then taking them between my teeth, testing to see if you like them to be nibbled, nipped, GENTLY bitten...finally circling them with my mouth, sucking them as my tongue danced over them. A gentle moan passed your lips, your head dropped beside mine and you whispered to me, "Oh Rick, I love your touch against me...I love the incredible way you make me feel..."

Your hand reached for my engorged cock, stroking me from my balls to the tip and back again. You reached under and cupped my balls gently in your hand, your middle finger sliding from the base of my cock to my ass, circling it sensually then returning. Kneeling, you guided my hardness between your breasts, pressing them around me as my hips thrust, sliding my cock between your softness. Your tongue reached out to the tip as my head peeked out the top. Touching the drop of precum at the tip, a strand stretched between your tongue and the tip as my cock disappeared once again between your globes.

My mind was spinning...this felt (and looked) so incredible...I couldn't believe how erotic and sensual you were. As if reading my mind and wanting to take me to even more fascinating heights, you pulled back, grasped me and devoured my cock with your mouth. "Oh Cindy..." I moaned loudly as your sweet lips slid up and down the length of my shaft. The multiple sensations as your lips surrounded me while at the same time your tongue was doing incredible things to the head, the underside, the top...God, I couldn't believe this was actually happening to me. Your eyes never left mine as I slid in and out of your sensual lips. I was beyond comprehension as my balls tightened up and I could feel my climax reaching the point of no return. "Oh, God...oh, Jesus, Cindy...I'm going to cum...!" I cried out. As you felt my contractions begin, you pulled me deeper into your mouth and the sensation was incredible as you quite literally sucked my climax from within me, swallowing with each contraction as if you were nursing. I had never in my life felt the way I did at that moment...never felt as wanted, as desired, nor had I ever wanted to please a woman as much as I wanted to please you at that very moment.

Leading you out of the shower and to the counter, ignoring our wetness (at least our outer wetness) you sat on the edge, your legs parted for me. I knelt on the floor before you, your feet on my shoulders, your knees spread wide, giving me unlimited access to your wet pussy. My tongue slid among your folds, circling your hard clit, fluttering against it, back down through your lips, circling and pressing lightly against your rosebud, eliciting a soft moan from your lips, then back once again to your clit. You knew that I loved it for you to watch me as I stimulated your most sensitive area and once again your eyes never left mine. I saw your breasts heave as your breathing became more rapid and my tongue never slowed as you became wetter and more excited. My arms wrapped around your thighs, my fingers on either side of your smooth pussy, pulling your lips apart, exposing you completely to my ministrations. I slipped my tongue into you, thrusting as deeply as I could inside you, fucking you with my tongue. With each stroke, my mustache rubbed against your clit as I pressed my upper lip against your pubis.

I brought my tongue back in contact with your clit as I slid two fingers inside you, hooking them upward and finding that rough spot inside you...your G-spot...pressing and rolling the tip of my finger against it. Your hips began to thrust against my fingers and my mouth as your climax drew closer. You leaned back, your head against the wall, your breathing coming in short gasps as you began to go over the edge. As your orgasm began, your muscles gripped my fingers, your hips thrust your pussy tightly against my mouth and you cried out, "Oh, Rick...oh, God...I'm cumming, Baby...make me cum lover!!" My hand was wet from your juices as they flowed down my fingers. God, Cindy, you were so INCREDIBLY SEXY!!

After a few minutes, we calmed down enough to come back to our senses. We proceeded to get dressed, casting furtive glances at each other as we did so. "I believe I owe you a dance, darlin'" I said as we finished putting on our clothes.

"Why, yes, darlin', I believe you do...and much, much more...there is the matter of 'interest' you recall..." you responded, a smile on your face.

I couldn't help but wonder if the smile was in response to what had already happened...or perhaps it was about something that you still had in mind...

Copyright, 1995 - 2006 by Cindy. Not to be used without express permission.