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Chapter 1

The applause was deafening. I could just barely see Mark out on stage, bowing and grinning from ear to ear. He ran off the stage and gave me a big hug. "Mom! Did you watch? It was great, wasn't it?"

"It sure was Mark!", I answered, hugging him back. "And YOU were fantastic!"

Mark was a ham; he had been, since practically the day he was born. His debut was as the infant Jesus in the church nativity scene. When he was 4, he joined the community theater, stealing every scene he could. Now, at the grand old age of 13, he even had a groupie or two. He left behind groups of giggling girls wherever he went.

For two shows a week, for the next three weeks, he would be Peter Pan. Though it was months ago, I still remember him flying in the door from the auditions, too excited to even tell me that he had gotten the lead. And since then, our lives had been a whirlwind of activity, from practices to costume fittings. I don't think we had been home more than two evenings in a row since last summer.

"Well star," I said, "I seem to remember offering to take you to dinner tonight. Have you decided where you want to go?"

His face lit up. "Can I get a nada-rita at Chi-Chi's?" he asked, referring to the frozen margaritas minus the tequila served at the Mexican restaurant. I groaned, pretending, as I always do, to hate his favorite restaurant. "I guess you DO think you're a star, dragging me kicking and screaming to Chi-Chi's again. Well, ok." He grinned as he raced down the hall to change out of his costume. He was growing up quickly, and the thought of being seen in public in his little green costume would certainly not be allowed by his emerging masculine pride.

As I was waiting for Mark to get dressed, a very scary looking Captain Hook came strutting from the stage. "Mmmm, nice knickers Captain," I smiled at him.

"What, these old things?" he smiled back.

"Great job Rick. I thought I'd die laughing when the crocodile came after you."

"Thanks Cindy. And Mark was fantastic. I bet you're proud of him."

"Proud of who?" Mark asked, shrugging into his jacket. "Hi Mr. Rick. You were great."

"Ok, ok, enough of the mutual admiration," I laughed. "I'm starving. And I hear a margarita calling my name."

"Oh, is Mr. Rick coming with us?" Mark asked, looking from one of us to the other.

Rick and I looked at each other for a second or two, both of us trying to decide what to say. While he and Mark had both been in the company for a few years, we had never progressed beyond casual greetings. That's not to say I hadn't thought about him, but with my fairly recent separation from my husband, I certainly wasn't in any rush.

The silence lengthened, until finally, Rick said......

Chapter 2 my most sincere tone, "Well, Mark, my man, that depends on you and your mom. Acting is kinda hard work and I do have to eat, but I wouldn't want to intrude into anything you and she might have planned. I wouldn't mind going along, though."

I had been becoming more and more comfortable with Mark and Cindy in the last few months, and I really did want to have dinner with them, to get to know them on a more personal level, but knew better than to push it. They had both been through a lot since the separation and I knew they needed a friend more than anything else right now. But, damn, Cindy was attractive and Mark was one of the best kids I'd ever met...talented, self assured and bright.

But still...the possibilities...

Mark's voice pulled me out of my reverie. "Cool...can we take your van? It's really neat!" was all he said, and ran off to talk to some of his costars, indicating that was the end of it. God, for the innocence of youth, I thought...were did all of us adults lose it? To view things in such an uncomplicated way. We could all take a lesson.

"Funny how a child can make things so simple," Cindy said, echoing my unspoken sentiments. "Hope you're into nada-ritas, since you're apparently going to drive," she said with a quick smile and eyes that twinkled like the stars.

"Sounds great to me, Cin. Just let me change out of this costume," I said as I turned toward the dressing room.

"Awww," she complained, teasingly, "looks pretty good to me from where I stand."

"God, you're good for my ego...even if it is a polite lie!" I said just before I passed through the curtain.

I had gone through my own divorce some years earlier, vowing never to open myself to that kind of hurt again. There had been a few dates, but nothing that ever amounted to much, and none that I would have even wanted to. But somehow, Cindy was different. She was attractive, with a dry wit and a very independent streak. Her brown hair cascaded over her shoulders and her brown eyes...doe eyes...that somehow seemed to see into my soul, even though she didn't mean for them to.

A knock at the door pulled me from my thoughts...

"Come in," I said in response to the knock.

"Are you decent?" Cindy asked.

"Sadly, yes," I teased.

They both entered together, mother and son. I was changed into a pair of Docker Khakis and a turtleneck shirt and as I turned from the table, my hand knocked over my coffee cup, splashing it completely onto my slacks.

"Damn!" I said, not catching myself fast enough. "Sorry..." I said to both Cindy and Mark, "I shouldn't have said that."

"Oh, that's nothing," Mark reassured me. "You ought to hear what mom says when she gets really mad at Dad sometimes."

I stifled a giggle as I looked over at Cindy and could see the blush rise from her shirt collar to her ears.

"Mark!!??" she exclaimed at the boys revelation.

"Aw, Mom, you know it's true...besides, Mr. Rick understands, don'cha?" he said looking in my direction.

"Yes, Mark, I do...all too well, I'm afraid," I grinned.

"But now, what the heck am I going to do? That's the only pair of pants I have with me."

Now it was my turn to blush when Cindy smiled and said.....

Chapter 3

"Well, I think there's an old pair of sweats in the gym bag in my car. And I think you just might be able to get into my pants," I smiled, trying very hard not to accompany that bold statement with a leer or a wink.

Obviously, I caught him off-guard for a second, but not much more than that, when he coughed, but then replied, "Yes, I think your pants would do me quite well."

God, I had missed this so much the last few months. Harmless flirting and teasing; was there anything better for the soul? I still wasn't able to think of more than that, at least during the day. But at night, alone in my bed, I longed for a touch, a kiss, a tender word...

I shook my head when I realized they both were looking at me expectantly. I tossed Mark the car keys and had him run out to the car to fetch the bag. When he returned, I tossed the pants to Rick and politely turned to inspect the wall, though I was dying to see if he was a briefs or boxers man.

I heard Mark giggle. I turned around to see Rick standing there, with the sweats pulled way up around his waist, the bottoms ending somewhere around mid-calf. That was one of the great things about him; he was confident enough to look absolutely ridiculous. Hell, any man that would go out on stage wearing knickers and tights had my admiration. He adjusted the pants, and actually, they ended up looking fine, if a tad short.

"Well, I doubt we'll have to worry about being accosted by photographers from GQ tonight," he said, "but I think these'll do."

Climbing into the van, Mark couldn't hold back his excitement. "This is SO cool," he chirped. "Wow Mr. Rick. I really like this van."

"What are you doing back there, Mark?" he asked, "I thought you'd drive tonight."

"Oooh, Mom, can I?" he begged.

Rick laughed. "I don't think so buddy. But here, you can start it."

Well, you would have thought Rick had just handed him the keys to heaven, he was so excited. He climbed behind the wheel and Rick told him what to do.

They switched places and we drove to the restaurant. The hostess led us to a booth and Mark slid in opposite me. Smiling, Rick slid in next to me, his knee casually brushing mine. I felt a small shiver run through me.

We had a great time through dinner. The nada-ritas were a big hit, and when they were recognized from the play and asked for their autographs, I don't know who's chest puffed out bigger. After dinner, while I sipped my coffee, Rick put his arm up on the back of the booth, his fingertips lightly brushing against my shoulders. That small shiver from earlier returned. I tilted my head slightly, leaning into him a bit, so he'd know that I liked his touch.

Mark, getting bored, and probably tired because it was really late, asked if he could go play the video game out in the lobby. I gave him some money and let him go. After he left, I snuggled more comfortably into Rick's arm.

Chapter 4

"Comfy?" I asked as Cindy lightly pressed closer to me.

"Mmm...very," she replied with sweet soft voice that lately had been in my thoughts more than I was willing to admit. Her hair was next to my face and I inhaled deeply, taking her scent into me. "You really smell good," I said.

"Careful,'ll turn a girl's head," she said.

"Ah, you've seen through my plan..." I teased. On impulse, I touched her chin with my fingertips, gently turning her face toward mine and lightly kissed her forehead. "I'm glad you invited me along tonight. I really enjoy your company, Cindy, more than I have anyone's in a long time, and I really enjoy Mark, too. You've done a wonderful job raising him. A lot of kids don't do very well when their parents separate, but he seems to be handling it pretty well."

"Oh, it's hard on him, of course, but most of the time he's pretty good. He's what you actors would call a 'trooper'...and I'm glad you decided to come along, Rick. Mark really likes you (see what a fancy van will do), and of course, how can I resist anyone that would actually wear those silly sweats just to have dinner with us?"

"Well, they are more comfortable than those tights I had on for the play, although, if I do say so myself not nearly as flattering," I joked.

Cindy just giggled into my shoulder...I felt myself stirring from the nearness of her.

Mark came rushing soon out of change, I sighed to myself. "Well, guys, it's been a long day and my young man has stayed up way past his bedtime, so as much as I hate to play the mom, I'm afraid it's probably time to head on out."

Of course, Mark gave the necessarily grumble, albeit halfheartedly. It was obvious to anyone looking at him that he had had a big day and was ready to pack it in. As we walked out to the van I tossed him the keys and asked if he remembered how to start it up.

"Sure thing!" he exclaimed and ran on ahead.

"Did you do that just because you like him...or just to get me alone for a minute...?" Cindy teased.

"In honesty, probably a bit of are way too perceptive, my dear."

"Well, I wouldn't want you to think it was a wasted effort," she said, turning me and pressing me against the side of one of the cars in the parking lot. Her body pressed against mine, her breasts feeling wonderful against my chest, my hardness had to be obvious to her as she covered my mouth with hers. Our lips parted and our tongues gently mingled. She broke it off as quickly as she had started it, the blush rising from her neck until it covered her face, even under the arc lights of the parking lot.

"I'm sorry," she stammered..."I don't know why I did that..."

"God, I hope you did it because you wanted to..." I stumbled. "I know I've wanted to ever since that 'getting into your pants' crack...well, actually for a longer time than that, but was afraid of pushing you away." Damn it, too much said again, I chided myself.

Taking her hand, letting her know no words or explanation was necessary, I led her to the van. Mark had it up and running, wondering where we had been.

Driving back to the theater to pick up Cindy's car, we were both quiet, both wondering where all of this was leading. Was this going to be fuel for the relationship or a stumbling block to being comfortable with each other. By the time we reached her car, Mark was fast asleep in the back of the van. I looked back at Mark, angelic in his sleep, then over at Cindy, and asked her if she wanted to take a walk. The theater was in a good neighborhood and was built on a lake with a walking path surrounding it. "We can just lock the van and Mark will be fine, but I really don't want you to go just yet," I said.

Taking my hand in hers, she said, "Neither do I..."

Chapter 5

We got out of the van and walked arm-in-arm down to the lake. At the beginning of the path, there was a bench, and I suggested we sit. I wanted to be able to keep the van in sight, just in case Mark woke up and got out to look for me. We sat down on the bench, Rick's arm automatically went around my shoulders. I settled in, thinking I could get used to this. I rested my hand lightly on his thigh. We both stared out at the lake, comfortable for the moment in silence.

Finally, with a small sigh, I said, "I'll have to remember to thank Mark."

"Mmmm, what for?" Rick asked, his nose again against my hair.

"For doing something I probably never would have gotten the courage to do; ask you out."

"Hmm, you don't strike me as the timid sort Cindy."

I turned to him and smiled, "Well, normally, no. But when it comes to asking out men in tights, I don't have much experience."

He laughed, and ran his finger lightly down my nose, "So, that's why you like me? For the way I look in tights?"

"Well, it doesn't hurt!" I answered, then reached up to kiss him softly. "I also like the way you kiss."

"And here I thought I needed more practice," he replied, brushing his lips against mine. I sighed as the kiss deepened, still soft and light, but with a hint of passion that brought that tingle from the restaurant back with a vengeance.

He folded me into his arms, and his lips moved softly to my cheek, up to my forehead, and back down across the bridge of my nose and down to the tip. I've never been able to not giggle when the tip of my nose is kissed, and this time was no exception. He continued bestowing soft fluttery kisses , starting at the edge of my lips, and working his way inward. When he got to the center, I lightly flicked out my tongue. His tongue lightly flicked back, and before I knew it, I was kissing him with a passion I had not felt in ages. The tingle had turned into a flame, which threatened to turn into a fire any second.

After a few minutes of this, the alarm bells started going off in my head. "Watch it," they said, "or you're going to throw him down here on the bench and rip his clothes off." Then the other voices, which lived a little lower, started chanting 'Go for it! Go for it!" My hand, with a will of its own, had crept upward on his thigh, so I knew without a doubt, that he was enjoying this as much as me. His hand had ended up on my breast, softly rubbing and squeezing it, and a moan escaped my lips.

I still can't say which voice would have won, had it not been for the man walking his dog, appearing out of nowhere and scaring me to death. After his pleasant "Good evening" as he passed, my heartbeat slowly returned to normal. "Well," I said with a sigh, "I think perhaps we should call it a night."

"Yes," replied Rick, "I'd call it a most enjoyable night." He paused for a second, then added, "Which I hope will be but the first of many enjoyable nights."

"I like that idea very much," I answered, slowly standing and re-tucking my shirt, and running a hand through my hair. "Would you like to come for dinner Friday after the show?"

"I'd like that very much," he said, and again pulled me into his arms for one last kiss. Slowly, we made our way back to the van where Mark was still sleeping. I woke him up, and he headed for our car, mumbling an incoherent goodnight to Rick.. I turned and blew him a kiss as we pulled out of the parking lot. Then I headed home with a smile.

Chapter 6

I thought Friday would never come...and I hadn't felt like that in a very long time. After my divorce, I had gone out with a few women, but never knew the feeling of anticipation as I did when waiting to see Cindy again. Could long suppressed feelings that I never expected to experience again really be surfacing? Geez, Rick, get a grip, I told myself...we'd only had one 'date' so far.

After the performance Friday night, Mark and I changed clothes and he climbed into the van along with me. Cindy had to work late and asked if I would mind driving Mark home, to which I readily agreed. We went through the now standard ritual of letting him start the van, then he climbed into the passenger's chair and we headed toward his house.

"I need to make one quick stop, buddy," I said, turning down Main Street. Cruising slowly along until finding the establishment I wanted, I pulled into the parking stall at the curb.

"Whatcha doin' Mr. Rick?" he asked.

"Just picking up a little something for your mom," I smiled...and as he looked at where we were, he smiled a wide grin himself.

"Oh, man, she's gonna LOVE that," he said, excitedly.

"Think maybe we should pick out something from you, too?" I asked Mark. "After all, she always makes sure you get to the play and everything...let's make tonight really special for her."

"Could we...that would be great!"

"Sure, buddy...let's really do it up right."

Back on the road, Mark kept up a steady stream of patter, telling me about the plays he had been in and what he liked to do for fun. There are few things as infectious as the enthusiasm of a child and I was delighted that he felt comfortable enough to share his with me.

Pulling into Cindy's driveway behind her own vehicle, we exited the van and secreted away our purchases. Mark ran up to the front door, ready to fling it open and I dissuaded him from doing so. With a wink, we stood in front of the door and rang the bell.

Cindy opened it and said, "Well, there you are my two favorite men tonight? How did the play go?"

"Here, Mom!" Mark exclaimed, shoving the bouquet of daisies at her, his smile reaching from ear to ear. I cleared my throat and he rushed to continue, "Oh, yah...thanks for everything you do for me!"

Cindy's smile beamed as she bent to give Mark a tight hug. "Thank you,'re worth every minute of it, hon...what a nice surprise!"

"Come on, Mr. her yours!" he said.

Cindy's eyes raised to mine and I pulled the dozen long stemmed red roses from behind my back. Her smile broadened, if that was possible, her eyes glistening as she said, "Oh, Rick, they're's been a long time since anybody has given me flowers..."

"Just the first of many, I hope I'll be able to give you, Cin..." I said. "But in all honesty, they pale in comparison to you."

"Okay, young man...time to get washed up for dinner," she said to Mark, and as he left, she leaned into me and our lips met, not so timid as our first meeting, sparking the feelings that we had ended with the other evening. I have always considered that kissing is a lost art, and Cindy was a true artist. Never had I felt a kiss that was such a true combination of tenderness and passion both at the same time. "Thank you again," she said as we broke our kiss. "You are a very special man...what am I going to do with someone who is kind, gentle, romantic, a wonderful kisser AND looks good in tights? Well, I'll just have to give that some consideration over dinner, I suppose."

With that, she took my hand and led me into the house...a house that was obviously filled with love, a talent for design and the most wonderful smells to assault my senses in many years.

Chapter 7

Rick followed me into the kitchen and leaned against the counter as I finished getting dinner ready. I took the garlic bread from the oven and put it on the counter to cool. Then, I pulled a strand of pasta out of the pot and tossed it at the wall. It stuck.

Rick laughed. "What was that for?"

I told him that my mom taught me that spaghetti was done when it stuck against the wall. It certainly worked better than any timer I had ever used.

Mark came bounding down the steps, sliding across the hardwood floor in his socks. "Did it stick?" he asked.

"Yep! How about getting the wine from the fridge for Mr. Rick to open, then slicing the bread?" I requested.

He pulled the bottle from the fridge, handed it to Rick, then began cutting. Rick glanced over at the table and saw the three wine glasses. He looked at the glasses, then Mark, and then me, and I could see the puzzled look in his eyes.

"No," I laughed, "I'm not raising a wino. Check the label. If you want the real stuff, there's a bottle of that in the cabinet behind you."

Rick looked at the bottle of sparkling cider and smiled. "No, I think this will do fine."

My 'famous' shrimp marinara was a hit, as always. Mark, as always, looked at me with a shrimp tail hanging out of his mouth and crossed his eyes. And, as always, I broke into giggles like it was the funniest thing I had ever seen. What most amazed me about the meal was how comfortable it was. After all, this was only Rick and my second date, if the other one could even be called a date, yet seeing him sitting at the opposite end of the table just somehow felt normal. And normal was something I hadn't felt in a long, long time.

After dinner, we stacked the dishes, then Mark pulled Rick into his room to play the newest computer game as I loaded the dishwasher and made coffee. The sounds of guns, screams, and all sorts of evil things floated downstairs. "Take that Mr. Rick" was immediately followed by "Oh no you don't kiddo! I'm gonna get YOU!"

A while later, they returned, Mark looking triumphant. "Hmm, should I ask who won?"

"I don't think you need to," Rick answered. "He kicked my butt."

Mark laughed and asked if we could watch a movie. He picked an old western and settled down on the floor to watch it. Rick sat next to me on the sofa. He pulled my feet up into his lap and rubbed them gently for a while. His touch was so soft, so gentle, yet not ticklish. It felt truly wonderful.

After the movie, Mark yawned and announced he was going to bed. He leaned over to kiss me goodnight, remembered to thank Rick for helping him get the flowers and disappeared upstairs.

"Ah, alone at last!" I smiled, sitting up and moving into Rick's arms. Arms that I had wanted to be in all night. Arms that I hoped I would remain in for the rest of the night.

Chapter 8

As Cindy moved into my arms, I pulled her gently, maneuvering her onto my lap. My arms surrounded her waist as hers wrapped themselves around my neck, our lips coming naturally together in a quick kiss.

"Sorry I didn't help you with dishes, Cindy. I'm usually pretty helpful in the kitchen, but Mark was so excited about his new game..." her finger came to my lips, silencing my apology.

"Don't even mention it, Rick. Mark has been without a male role model for too long now and I'm happy you wanted to go with him. The dishes were no problem and that was more important. Besides," she grinned, "I knew I'd have you all to myself eventually, anyway."

With that, she moved her lips to mine once again. This time the kiss was deep, intense, filled with passion. Our tongues searched each other hungrily, starved with the longing within us both. My mouth moved to the corner of Cindy's mouth, along her jaw to her neck. Her lips next to my ear, she whispered, "Mark isn't the only one who has been without male companionship for too long," the tip of her tongue circling my ear to emphasize her point. My heart was pounding so hard I thought I would pass out and every beat was transmitted into my growing erection. "I didn't realize how much I wanted you until the other night on the park bench...I could have killed that guy with his dog," she sighed.

My hands slid beneath her loose fitting blouse, rising to cup her breast. I could feel the nipple harden at my touch through the lacy bra she was wearing. Her moan was almost a squeal as I gently pinched it between my fingers and her hips began to wriggle on my lap, increasing my already growing erection. Her fingers reached for the buttons on my shirt, unfastening them as our increasingly passionate kiss continued to build.

Her hands were cool upon my chest as they entered my shirt, rubbing, circling my own nipples, pinching them as I was doing to her. With one hand I unfastened the front closure on her bra, sliding my hand under the cups, feeling her large hard nipple against the palm of my hand.

"I want to make love with you, Cindy," I said breathlessly. "I've wanted to for months, but didn't want to scare you mean so much to me."

"Oh God, Rick," she whispered in that throaty whisper of hers, "I want that more than anything right now. I want to feel you inside me, feel your hard cock filling my pussy."

The way she talked surprised and excited me beyond belief. She always seemed so proper, even in her flirtation, but when she talked to me this way there was no controlling myself...not that either of us wanted to control ourselves at this moment! "What about Mark?" I asked, as I unbuttoned her blouse. I'm not really sure I cared at this moment, but it seemed an appropriate thing to ask.

"Don't worry about him. He is the soundest sleeper you have ever seen. Once his head hits the pillow he is out for the night." Her breathing was heavy as she began to unbuckle my belt, unsnap my pants and lower my zipper. Mine was, as well, as I indelicately pushed her blouse off her shoulders, letting it drop to the floor. We were like a couple of crazed teenagers, clothes seemed to fly everywhere.

Once naked, Cindy pushed me back onto the couch, straddling my face with her dripping pussy as she bent over to take my turgid cock into her mouth. My tongue eagerly found her wet folds, exploring every inch of them as her mouth expertly licked and sucked on my cock. As her mouth was sliding up and down my shaft, my tongue began flicking at her hardened clit, causing her hips to jump, then press tighter against my mouth. Her moans were stifled, yet audible as they came from around my cock, and the combination of sucking sounds coming from both our mouths was incredibly erotic.

"Mmm, Cindy, you taste so good," I said as I licked and sucked her delicious pussy. My arms had circled her legs, spreading her lips wide as my tongue penetrated her. In and out I fucked her with my tongue, my chin pressed against her clit keeping a constant pressure against it. Her hips began to move faster, then started bucking wildly as her orgasm overtook her. She stopped sucking on me momentarily, her total concentration on her own desire and pleasure as she came, her hips grinding her pussy into my mouth to increase the pressure there. As her climax was subsiding, she began stroking my cock in earnest with her hand, getting me harder than I could remember being. Quickly she repositioned herself so that she straddled my cock, guided me into her and impaled herself onto me in one hard thrust. She leaned over me as she rode my cock, her large breasts swaying in front of my hungry mouth. I grasped them tightly and brought them to my lips, moving from one to the other, sucking them.

"Suck my nipples, Rick...please, suck them HARD," she coaxed as she continued to bounce up and down on my shaft. Her hips then began a front to back motion, stimulating both her clit and g-spot with my cock. Her hands went to my head, her fingers grasping my hair, pulling my mouth hard against her tits as she began to come again. "Come with me, baby," she gasped as her climax swept over her, "fill my cunt with your hot cum!" she practically demanded. Not that she had to encourage me because there is no way I was going to be able NOT to come at that point! My contractions started the moment she spoke and she squeezed my cock with her pussy as I completely buried my rod in her cunt and shot my hot load into her. "Oh God, oh yes, I feel you coming inside me, oh, Rick that feels SO good!" My hands were on her ass, pulling her hard upon me with every thrust into her.

She reached behind her, cupping my balls in her hand as my own climax roared through me. "Squeeze my balls, Cindy," I begged as I felt her hand upon them. Gently, yet firmly she did so, "Yes, Baby, just like that...Oh, God that's incredible," I panted between contractions.

As our climaxes subsided, she lay on my chest, with me still inside her. Our breathing slowly returning to something at least resembling normal, we continued to kiss, slower now but with a promise of things yet to come.

Copyright, 1995 - 2006 by Cindy. Not to be used without express permission.