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The phone call came at about 2 in the morning. I was fast asleep, and grabbed the receiver on the fourth ring.

"um, hello?" my sleepy greeting.

"Hi, were you asleep?" came the response.

"um-hmm, yes, I am, oh, I mean, I was asleep." I said.

"I need to ask you a question that is driving me insane," he said.

"ok, what is it?" i asked, sitting up on the side of the bed. I was desperately trying to place the voice in my disoriented state.

"Well, I know how you feel about dating, courtship, and sex, but I have a proposition for you." he sounded nervous.

Now I knew it was him. I had been on a few dates with him recently and you could say he was my "man of the moment". Meeting online, I was a little skeptical of the type of people that I would meet and he had pleasantly surprised me.

He was a successful account exec for a large pharmaceutical company and didn't seem to have any of the usual baggage and hang-ups that so many of the men I meet these days have. So far, I hadn't discovered any strange fetishes or stalker-type traits. But, being a single woman in a large city, you have to be careful. Experience and alot of bad dates had prompted me to take a "no sex for awhile" attitude. I was so tired of the casual sex and finding out that they were married or had a girlfriend somewhere. Or, in some cases, they just don't want a relationship. I'm a commitment girl, and at 26 I had my eye on more than a fling. Not that I was planning on walking down the aisle any time soon, but dating someone whose intentions went beyond getting my clothes off as quickly as possible was quite rare.

"Ok, what is your proposition?" I asked.

"well, I have this hotel room down the street from your townhouse. My buddy came into town and we decided to go out and have some fun. I got a room there, too so I wouldn't have to drive all the way across town." he replied. "I still don't see what it is you are asking. You are in a hotel room down the street. Where is your friend?" I was really confused. Chalk it up to being half asleep or just being blonde, I wasn't following him.

"Jon's passed out, we went out to a jazz club and he got a little drunk. I made sure he got to his room and covered him up, but I'm wide awake here and only slightly buzzed. I wondered if you would come down here and just sleep next to me. We don't have to make love, I told you we would do that when you are ready. You are driving me insane, and I just want to know what it feels like to wake up next to you." he said it so sweetly, how could I resist?

"Which hotel, and what room?" I was wide awake now.

"Homewood Suites, Room 101. Are you really coming down here? I am sorry I woke you, but I've been thinking about you all nite. The women at the bar we were at kept flirting with me, but I just couldn't get into it." he laughed. "I know we've only been on a handful of dates, but you've really got me turned inside out. Jon even asked me if you were a witch and had cast some kind of spell on me."

"Ok, give me a few minutes to throw some things together and I'll be there. I can't believe I am doing this," I added.

"I promise to be a good boy and keep my hands in neutral territory, unless, of course, you beg for it, then I would have to oblige. See you in a few. Bye" came his husky reply.

I grabbed an overnite bag, threw in some jeans, sweater, underwear, bra for the next day. My toothbrush, comb, makeup, and a long T-shirt followed. I stood there debating with myself as to what would actually happen. He had been a perfect gentleman so far, kissing me alot, occasionally running his hands down my back and cupping me closer to him. Other than that, he had behaved on all of our dates.

We had discussed alot of things before meeting. Me being the careful person that I am, I had asked him dozens of questions about sex, finding out what he liked, what he didn't. We had shared many fantasies and truthfully, making him wait was driving me nuts. I had resolved to stop sleeping with people until I knew what their intentions were. Not that the sex had been bad with other people, but I was tired of waking up with the emptly feeling that comes when you've satisfied your body but not your mind. And the undeniable truth that though I had had great sex, I had no desire to see the man again. My friends say that I am too picky, but it just kills any interest for me. Once you cross that bridge with someone that you don't know well, it's hard to regain any sense of balance. But, holding back my natural passion and love of sex was driving me insane. You can only masturbate so many times. Eventually, you need to feel a man's hands on your body instead of your own.

I knew what I was going to do now. I had made up my mind that I knew him well enough, and just thinking about it was making me wet. I giggled a little, thinking about his reaction to what I had planned. I grabbed a few more things out of my lingerie drawer, got dressed (if you would call it that), and threw on my coat. Jotting a hasty note and leaving it on my roommates doorknob, I left the house.

The streets were damp from the recent rain. They were also deserted and I cranked up the heat because it was freezing outside. On the radio, the weather report came on, saying that it would be below freezing tonite and there was a chance that the rain would turn to snow. Just as the announcer said that, a single snowflake drifted onto my windshield. I smiled, I love the first snow, and the Homewood Suites is a great hotel with a huge fireplace, big bed, small kitchen, and a hot tub nearby.

Snow began drifting down faster and faster. I had to turn on my wipers to see where I was going. I only had a few more stoplites and I would be there. Sitting at the lite at Meridian, thinking it was the longest stoplite in the world, I ran a finger down my neck to my nipple. The heat hadn't quite filled the car yet, and my nipples were rock hard. Making a quick decision, I turned the heat off, deciding that I wanted them to stay that way. I pinched my nipple and had an answering flutter lower. My nipples are a direct line to my clit, and I felt a wave of moisture there. I slipped a finger inside my panties and smiled. I was soaked, he was going to really be surprised. I slid another inside my gushing pussy and almost came right there at the stoplite. I glanced over to check the car next to me. The man sitting in it was staring, so I decided to give him a show.

I slid the corner of my coat and top over and revealed my rock hard nipple. I saw his smile spread and he nodded his head. I rolled the nipple between my fingers with one hand as I leaned back and made it obvious that I was fingering myself. He leaned a little closer. The lite changed and I took off, giggling and glancing in the mirror. I had always wanted to do that, but now I realized that it was also very dangerous. The seat was wet from me, and I glanced in the mirror to make sure he had turned. Thankfully, he had.

The hotel was quiet, the only room that had a light on was at the other end. I walked up to his room and took a deep breath. I stood there at the door a minute, letting the snow fall around me. My coat was dusted with it, and I could feel it on my face. An interesting contrast of cold and wet compared to the hot and wet of my thighs and pussy. My skin was on fire and I knew that I was blushing as I always do when I am extremely turned on.

I knocked tentatively on the door. He opened it so fast that I gasped. He didn't say anything, just pulled me into his embrace and kissed me with an incredible intensity. I had been suffering from those kisses for weeks and I about came right there in the doorway. I could feel the wetness dripping down my thighs and I moaned into his mouth, wrapping my arms around his neck and pressing close to him. He kicked the door shut with one foot and didn't miss a stroke of his tongue against mine. He moved down to my neck, slid his hands up to my face. He held my head to the side while he nipped my ear, and down my neck to my collarbone. Breathing heavy he said, "I didn't think you would come over. I should stop this, but your skin feels so good." He kissed his way to the other side of my neck and back up to my ear. I was really hot now, and the fire that had already built inside me was raging. My knees were shaky and I was dizzy.

I stepped back and took a shaky breath. "well, hello handsome" I said. My voice was really husky and I am sure that he could see the desire in my eyes. He laughed and walked into the kitchen. There was a fire blazing in the fireplace and no other lights on in the room. I walked over to the window and looked out at the falling snow. I still had my coat on when he came back and handed me a glass of wine. It was Lambrusco, our favorite. I sipped it, and he stood behind me watching me in the window. I felt like I was standing on the edge of a cliff, and the excitement I was feeling was overwhelming. He had no idea what I had planned.

He slid his arm around me and rested his chin on my head. It felt so right. I stood there for what must have been ten minutes, no words passing between us, just enjoying feeling each other. His arms were so strong around me, and I felt a safety that I hadn't realized I had been missing.

He bent and nuzzled my ear, whispering, "take off your coat and stay awhile." I made a sound in my throat of contentment and whispered back, "I'm trying to warm up. I will take it off in a minute." He brushed my hair to the side and softly kissed the back of my ear and around to the nape of my neck. He had no idea how close he was to "the spot" as my roommate and I had named it. If a man gets to a certain spot on my back and has a somewhat skillful tongue, it makes me lose all sense of reality. It's almost a guarantee that he will get my clothes off. I hadn't told him about it, no reason to tempt him was there? I knew that if I had told him prior to the right time, he would find it and then all of my "rules" would be out the window.

I set my glass on the table next to me, and did the same with his. Then, I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him closer. His soft kisses were turning into the open mouthed kind. My knees started shaking again, and my nipples were rock hard. He leaned up to my ear and said, "if you take your coat off, I can't be responsible for what might happen. I want you so badly, and not just because I want sex. I want to see you in the firelight and I want to taste and touch every part of you. Thinking about you for the last few weeks has been exquisite torture for me. Whenever you laugh, or look at me with desire in your eyes, I envision what you will look like with me inside you and you exploding around me.......tell me to stop and I will, but tell me soon."

I had no intention of asking him to stop, so I pulled his mouth back to my neck. I pulled one of his hands up to my top button of the coat and he slipped it through the buttonhole. I could tell he was not sure what I meant by that, but I didn't want to ruin the moment with words. I guided his hand to the next button and leaned into his mouth. He slid it through so slowly I thought I would die. I just wanted his hands on me, all over me. We were still standing at the window, and I didn't want to leave it yet. The snow was falling so fast now that it was hard to make out the trees. The fire was bright, and he could see my reflection in the window. He slid the third button and then the fourth free on my trenchcoat. There was only one more. He hesitated at the last one, and I encouraged him by helping him with it. My coat was till closed, but it was unbuttoned now and I looked in the glass as he slid it slowly open.

His intake of breath was loud in the silent room. He had opened the coat and in the window he could see the black teddy that I had on. The top was cut low, and had a push up bra in it, so my ample cleavage was even more inviting. It laced up the front and ended at the very top of my thong panties. I had stockings on that were attached to the teddy by garters. The tops of the stockings were edged with lace and I had on very high black heels. He stood there for a moment, somewhat shocked. I smiled knowingly, loving the look of pleasure on his face. "Well, well, well, what do we have here" he asked.

He slid my coat off of my shoulders and the hunter green silk pooled around our feet. My nipples were still hard as he rested his hands on my waist. I wasn't sure what to do next. He seemed to be enjoying the view, so I stood there until he raised one hand and bent me slightly forward. The glass was cold against my hand as I braced myself. His mouth kissed down my neck and hit "the spot" between my shoulder blades. He seemed to know that this was sensitive to me, because he started sucking and licking all around it. I leaned into the window, and moaned. I was in heaven. I took the other hand that was till at my waist and moved it up to my breast. He didn't need anymore encouragement. He pulled me back to him, still sucking on my neck and back, he whispered, "i want to see you cum just like this, in the window".

His hand slid down my stomach and traced a fiery trail to my dripping wet pussy. One hand rolling my incredibly hard nipple, the other teasing my clit through the soaked panties. I was mindless, I couldn't think as he slid that finger inside my panties and went straight to my clit. "My god, you are so wet. Is this all for me?" I couldn't speak, I was so close to cumming. I moved my hips and leaned against him, "I need your fingers inside me, make me cum, I'm so close." He obliged, inserting one, then, two, then plunging three fingers inside me so fast that I almost couldn't stand anymore. He took most of my weight against him as I shook and the orgasm rolled over me in huge waves. I was fevered and couldn't catch up with the waves of intense heat that were going thru me. I was cumming so fast I couldn't make a sound.

After I caught my breath, he gently turned me around to face him. He had a look of wonder on his face as he kissed me gently on the mouth and said, "you are incredible, never in my wildest fantasies of you would I have imagined you so beautiful caught in your orgasm. I could watch you do that all day." I slid my arms around him and pulled him into a deep kiss. With one hand, I unbuttoned his shirt as I drew him deeper into the kiss, we were getting frenzied and I couldn't get his clothes off fast enough. I pulled his belt off and unbuttoned his jeans, the zipper made a loud sound as I practically ripped it open. I could feel how hard he was and it was too much. I wanted him in my mouth NOW.

I dropped to my knees and quickly pulled his jeans down, his cock sprang free and it was beautiful. In the red glow of the fire, I could see the drop of pre cum on the head and I flicked my tongue over it. He was so thick and hard, the head of his cock was hot to my tongue as I slid my mouth around it. I heard him moan deep in his throat and felt his hands go to my shoulders. I looked up just as he looked down and winked at him. He lost it when I took him fully into my mouth. I couldn't take him all so I wrapped my hand around the base as I slid my mouth slowly up and down. He was moaning and whispering but I couldn't hear him. I was soaking wet again and I could feel the buildup in my pussy as I sucked him harder.

I made a little humming sound as I cupped his balls in my other hand. I raced my tongue down there and swirled each one in my mouth. He gripped my shoulders then, begging me to take his cock in my mouth again. I stood up and led him to the couch that was in front of the fire, and sat down. He was standing in front of me, and I took him slowly, teasingly into my mouth again. He was begging me to go faster, but I drew it out, slowly, torturously easing my mouth over his raging hard on. I kept the pace even until I felt him getting bigger in my mouth. I couldn't believe that he could get harder! He was already rock hard when I started.

I knew then that I would swallow every drop which is rare for me. I cupped his balls again and kneaded them faster. I increased the pace of my mouth and tongue, holding the base of his cock with my other hand. I slid my hand down to my pussy and got it soaking wet, moved it back up to his cock and he moaned when I pumped him with it. The idea that I was sliding over him with my mouth and hand covered in my own wetness was too much. He held onto my shoulders and pumped in and out of my mouth faster. "Oh, god, I'm going to cum, please let me cum into your mouth, please, oh yesss, baby, that feels so good. I can't wait, here I cum." He shot his load in my mouth and I swallowed it all. I continued to suck him for a few minutes until he took my hand and sat beside me.

He looked into my eyes and said, "that was so good, I would look down and see your mouth on me and I couldn't control myself. Then, you had the nerve to wink at me. You are dangerous, woman! I can't believe that you made me feel all the things I felt in such a short time." He leaned back on the couch and pulled me to him. Cradling me in his arms he kissed me softly. I sighed and said, "How about a shower?"

We raced to the bathroom like kids. Giggling at the trail of our clothes on the floor from the window to the couch. I smacked his ass as he walked by me and then he grabbed me with the towel. He pulled me into a deep kiss and pressed his body completely to mine. He guided me into the bathroom, still kissing me, and held me against the counter. I hopped up onto it, and pulled him between my legs. He leaned over and started the shower and soon steam was pouring out over the top of the shower wall. I was still kissing him, perched on the edge of that counter and he worked his way down to my nipple. He traced around it in wide circles, I pressed his head closer, and said, "bite my nipple". He took it between his teeth and flicked it with his tongue. Driving me insane, I was wiggling all over the place, and almost slipped off the counter because I was so wet. I gripped his head and pulled him closer as he took his other hand and without warning, plunged it into my pussy. I leaned back against the mirror and moaned really loud. It was so hard and fast that I didn't expect it. He started pumping his hand in and out of me, using three fingers and then a fourth, finally. He used the thumb to stroke my clit. The bathroom was full of steam, and I was sweating. He was, too and the combination was out of this world. I could smell our combined sexual frenzy mixed with the sweat and steam from the shower.

He let go of my nipple and kneeled on the tile floor. Still fucking me slowly with his hand, he slid his tongue over my clit and I almost came off the counter. I arched up to his face and he slowed the pace of his hand inside me as his tongue raced over my clit again. I was so close, and this was my favorite to have a tongue on my clit and be finger fucked at the same time. It was almost too much to bear. His tongue raced skillfully over my hard clit and he sucked it into his mouth at the same time he plunged his hand hard into me. I came in shattering waves and he had to brace me to keep me on the counter. I screamed his name as I exploded around him and he kept his tongue right on my clit the whole time, never missing a single stroke.

He rose up and held me in his arms because I was still shaking, trying to catch my breath in the hot steamy room. He whispered to me and kissed me softly, saying "you taste so sweet, lick your lips and tell me how you feel tasting yourself on my mouth."

I answered, "I taste good, but you taste better!" He grinned and stood up to lead me into the shower. He was in a semi-erect state. Not quite hard yet, but getting there. I soaped up my hands and we laughed as we fought over the thin bar of soap. He soaped his hands and then we slid them over each other, locked in a hot kiss. His tongue was doing wonderful things to my ear when I reached down and took his cock in my slippery hands. He bit my ear when my hand closed around him and groaned. I was pumping him and in a few minutes, he was completely hard again. He stepped back and said, "wait, I want to be inside you". He washed every part of me, leaving my drenched pussy last. He slid that soapy hand down to my clit, through my pubic hair and further still to my ass. He nudged my legs wider as he inserted a finger in my pussy and another finger circled my asshole slowly as if asking for permission. I leaned against the shower wall, and pushed against that finger and it slid inside my tight hole. It felt so good, having both filled at the same time and the hot water pouring over us. It was a first for me, and I had never allowed anyone to do anything to my ass before.

He gently slid in and out, and soon I was begging, "I want you inside me, and I want that finger in my ass at the same time. Fuck me soon, I can't wait." He rinsed us both off and stepped out of the shower, wrapping me in a towel, he kissed me again. He playfully pinched my nipple and I grabbed his cock. I led him out of the bathroom, still holding onto him by his rock hard erection. I went to the living room and went to my knees. I looked up at him and slowly took him in my mouth again. "Just a preview, to get you to the same point," I murmured. I stroked him a few times with my mouth and then turned around on the floor. I wiggled my ass at him and looked back with a coy smile and said, "fuck me now, really hard and really fast."

He got down on his knees and slid his cock between my wet lips as he reached around and grabbed a nipple in each hand. He rolled them between his fingers as the head of his cock rubbed my clit. "Put me inside you," he moaned. I slipped my hand down and guided him home. He slammed full hilt on the first thrust and I grabbed the edge of the hearth to push against him. He felt so good inside me, so full and hard. I started quivering in my need to have him hard and fast right now.

"Fuck me, fuck me really hard and don't stop, please please just fuck me," I begged. He pulled almost all the way out, and I moaned in frustration. I needed him inside me and he was teasing me. He had his hands on my hips, pulling me to him. He stayed there with just the head inside me as he slid one hand to my clit and then around to my asshole. He had lubricated it and it slid right in, he was working it in and out really slow and pumping me with short quick strokes with the head of his cock. I was crazy, it was too much, I just wanted him to slam me and fuck me hard.

"Please, enough, fuck me now!" as soon as I said it, he slammed into me so hard I almost lost my balance. I could feel him deep inside me and he worked that finger in my ass as he pumped me. I couldn't breath, it was like I was suspended in mid air. I reached down and grabbed his balls and then stroked my clit.

"Are you ready?" he gasped.

"God, yes, give it to me really hard" I said.

He pulled out and then slammed into me with such force I came that instant. He buried himself in me, and finger fucked my asshole as he came with a shout. I exploded and moaned with him at the same time. I shivered into another orgasm at the very end of his and he moaned again. He leaned down and kissed my back. We stayed like that for a few minutes, too tired to move, until he slid out of me.

He pulled me to him and we looked at the fire as he pressed soft kisses to my face. Wrapped in his arms, I knew that the empty feeling wouldn't be there in the morning. We slept there on the couch, entwined in each other until dawn. We made love in the bed this time, slow and sweet with whispered promises and soft sighs.

As we were falling asleep again, he held me in his arms and said, "Sometimes patience is a virtue." Snshngrl26, aka Tammy November 1998

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