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Winter Break

The plans were laid, the reservations made, the car was loaded and the anticipation was at it's peak. Winter break began today and Anna and Joey were ready to drive all night if necessary to hit the slopes first thing in the morning. Their passion for skiing was second only to their passion for each other. The skis were mounted on the top of the Land Rover, the suitcases were loaded in the rear and the munchies were in the front. After first satisfying their passion for each other (at least for the time being), the two lovers climbed into the front seat and Joey threw the vehicle in gear. Next stop, the northernmost slopes of their favorite ski area.

Anna was beautiful...blonde hair, blue eyes, athletic body...the body most men who saw her wished their wives and girlfriends possessed. A body that was fit, trim, well proportioned, and the twinkle in her eye when she looked at you told you without a doubt that she knew exactly how to use it to give a man more pleasure than he could even fantasize about. Joey was also athletic, with muscular arms, flat stomach, nice chest and thighs that Anna loved to feel between her own when they made love. The women wanted to feel his body against them every bit as much as the men wanted to possess Anna. But, alas, unfortunately for the men and women who could only fantasize about this attractive couple, Anna and Joey were already incredibly happy with each other, so there was no temptation to stray for either of them.

For the first few hours, the trip was relatively uneventful. To the west, the sun continued to slip toward the horizon while storm clouds to the north could be seen making their way across the winter sky, contributing to a sunset that covered the entire sky with, first pink and yellow, then deep purple and magenta hues. The spectacular colorations added to their feeling of serenity, bliss and well being. They could not conceive of a more perfect way to start a week together.

Darkness had settled two hours earlier when suddenly the Rover lurched violently to the right, veering off the short embankment and settling into the ditch. "Shit!" Joey exclaimed, then quickly to Anna, "Are you alright Babe?"

"Yes," she replied groggily. "What happened?" She had been asleep in the passenger's seat, but had buckled her seatbelt beforehand.

"Somebody must have been hauling wood and dropped a huge log in the middle of the road. I didn't see it until the last minute and clipped it with the wheel."

Getting out of the Rover, they inspected their predicament. It was quickly clear that even with the four wheel drive, they were going to be stuck here until help arrived. That seemed pretty unlikely on this road at this hour of the night. They hadn't seen a car in hours. Fortunately the camping gear was always stowed in the storage compartment under the floor of the cargo area so instead of bitching about their predicament they hauled it out and set up camp. They were never ones to miss an opportunity for adventure and this was certainly one of those.

In no time at all the tent was pitched, the sleeping bags zipped together. Anna and Joey undressed and climbed into the now double bag. They always slept nude, but even if they didn't every experienced camper knows that more body heat is preserved and sleep is more comfortable in a sleeping bag when the camper wears no clothing. The temperature was dipping dramatically at this point and the conservation and production of body heat was going to be an important consideration for this couple.

As they lay there, spooned against each other, Anna's back against Joey's chest, Joey's reaction to the nearness of Anna's body was both immediate and intense. Laying next to her in the absolute blackness of a woodlands night, her scent...actually *their* scent from their lovemaking earlier in the day assaulting his nose, the warmth of her body pressed up against him, the feel of her breast in his hand, her nipple hard against his palm as his arm wrapped around her, cupping her, his cock became immediately engorged. She moved one leg, parting her legs enough to let his cock slip between them, the top of it pressed against her warm wetness. Reaching between her legs, she stroked the underside of his cock, pressing it tighter against her pussy lips. Reaching farther, she cupped his large balls in her hand, gently massaging them, squeezing them. Sliding her hand back and forth along the length of his shaft, he grew larger still. Taking the tip of her middle finger, running it along his shaft from the head, along the blue vein on the underside, between his balls she slipped it into his ass as he released a deep moan. He pinched her nipples and her ass involuntarily pressed back harder against him as she inhaled sharply.

As she pressed back against him, his cock slid against her swollen lips, the tip pressing against her clit then slipping off, stimulating her to continue the motion. Her hips pivoted, his cock head rubbing, pressing, stretching her clit, her juices soaking both his cock and her legs. Faster and harder she thrust, Joey's hands squeezing her breasts, her breathing more rapid, her moans of pleasure increasing in volume and pitch until with a loud whimper and a cry out of Joey's name, she shuddered as her orgasm overtook her.

Unzipping the bag and throwing the top off from them, Joey moved so that his mouth was covering Anna's pussy. As his tongue began eagerly sliding through her incredibly wet folds, she grasped his cock and took him into her mouth. Her tongue circled his glans, flicking across the top of his sensitive head as his long tongue snaked inside her pussy. God, how she loved what he could do to her with his tongue. The way he could rotate it inside her, expand and contract it, thrust it in and out in such a way it really felt like he was fucking her with it. Other men had eaten her, but nobody had the talent like Joey did. The way he could roll his tongue, completely encircling her protruding clit, then taking her clit between his lips and running his teeth against her sensitive button before sucking her into his mouth with such intensity she felt surely he would completely take her into him. The way his tongue would then flutter softly against her, giving her yet another completely different sensation. That was the thing about Joey, he was always coming up with something new and unexpected in such a variety of ways. She could never anticipate what was coming next.

Joey loved the way his cock felt when it was in Anna's sweet mouth. She knew every little nuance of what stimulated him. The way she would explore every ridge, every vein, every crevice of the landscape that was his cock. It wasn't just that she was good at was that she enjoyed it and took such pleasure in it. That, in a nutshell, was what made them so special with each other. They took as much, if not more, pleasure in pleasing each other as they did from being pleasured themselves. The way she could milk his cock, from the base to the head, coaxing that large drop of pre cum that she loved so much from it's tip. The way she would take his balls into her mouth, sucking them gently, yet with such acumen that he nearly went completely over the edge whenever she did it. She knew almost instinctively what he would love having done to him and took great pleasure in doing just that.

They were fully involved with each other now. Joey's mouth and tongue were making wet noises as his face moved almost uncontrollably as he pressed tightly to Anna's pussy, almost trying to stimulate every part of her at once. His voice was muffled yet distinct when he proclaimed to Anna, "God, Baby, you taste so good...I love eating you when you are so wet..." Her moan vibrated against his cock which was now completely in her mouth, her nose against his pubic hair, he could feel the tip surrounded by the tightness of her throat. Suddenly, without warning, she came. Her hips thrust, hard, against Joey's mouth, her legs locked around his head, her hand involuntarily went to the back of his head, pulling him tightly against her pussy.

"Oh, God, Joey...yes, YES...suck me honey...don't stop, oh, God, Please DON'T STOP...!" Joey continued licking and sucking Anna's clit as she rode a roller coaster of pleasure, climaxing five times before finally begging him TO stop, before she passed out.

"Fuck me, Joey...I need to feel your hard cock inside me," she said as her hand grasped his cock, pumping him as though he actually needed encouragement. Laying on her back, legs spread wide for him, he knelt between her lithe legs and entered her with one hard thrust. He was so hard and she was so wet this was easily accomplished, even as large as he was. He grasped her ankles, raising them to his shoulders. He loved taking her like this. He could get so deeply into her. His thrusts began gently, but quickly became more urgent.

"I want to feel you deeper, Joey," Anna said as she lowered her knees so that they were beside her breasts, her pussy opened as wide for him as was possible to achieve. He pulled back until just the tip of his cock was inside her then slid his entire length back into her until his balls were against her perfect ass. Shifting his body upward just enough, the top of his cock slid tightly against her clit with each stroke. "OOOooo," she gasped at the new sensation. Faster and harder his tempo increased, as did the thrust and grind of her hips against him. The night was completely quiet except for the slap...slap...slap of their skin against each other and the sound of her extremely wet pussy taking his cock inside her. Then there were the moans. Soft at first, yet building at an equal level as the intensity and speed of their thrusting. Finally, with an animalistic roar Joey came, his cock contracting, filling Anna with his cum and triggering an additional orgasm for her as well.

Collapsing beside each other, the coolness of the woodlands night felt refreshing against their bodies. Their hands continued to gently caress each other as their soft kisses helped to bring each other down easily. As they continued to relax and recover from their exquisite experience the coolness began to overtake them. Reaching down, they once again brought the top of the sleeping bag over them.

Cuddled together they drifted off into a dreamless sleep, unconcerned about how they would deal with the Rover. Whatever needed to be done, it would be an adventure.

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