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Welcome Home!

It had been a very long week. I was feeling very stressed out from all the problems at the office, and from missing my lover. Jake had been gone for the last week on business and I desperate for his return. He was scheduled to be back Friday night and I decided I needed to plan something special to welcome him home. I had this idea earlier in the week of taking him out for a moonlit picnic, but the weather did not hold out. Having already done the shopping for the picnic I decided to have the feast anyway right there in my apartment.

I lit the entire place up with candle light and put some nice jazz music on the stereo. I then proceeded to fix up a plate of assorted breads, cheeses and raw vegetables. I also poured a glass of wine for each of us and set everything out on the dining room table. Now I just needed to prepare myself. I ran upstairs to shower, and dress for Jake in my own special way.

When Jake finally came through the front door I was waiting for him, wearing a little lacy white apron, white stockings, garters, and high heels….nothing else. He grinned and tried to make a grab for me right away but I ducked out of his way, telling him that dinner was the first order of business. As I seated him at the table I could tell from the obvious bulge in his pants how much he was enjoying his homecoming so far. Jake tried to tell me food wasn't what he was hungry for but I wanted to continue on with my plan for the evening. I told him to eat up so he would have enough energy for desert. After toasting to the joy of being together again I proceeded to feed him the delicacies. Not allowing him to feed himself. Playfully I selected each of the variety of assorted goodies and he accepted each and everyone, each time more suggestively than the first. Between the vegetables & cheeses we would stop for a passionate kiss or embrace and then proceed again.

As events unfolded and our dinner proceeded, I undressed Jake while continuing to play with the food at hand. I couldn't resist teasing Jake a bit by slowly stroking my hard nipples through the lacy material of the apron. Jake's gaze was heated as he watched me slowly slide my hand down my body, down to my newly shaved pussy, feeling my wetness... stroking myself. I opened my eyes and was greeted by the sight of Jake stroking his massive hard cock. He had abandoned all thoughts of dinner as he watched me play. Seeing Jake's cock so hard and throbbing was just too tempting to me. I slid off of my chair and knelt in-between Jake's legs. I nibbled and licked his thighs for a moment, rubbing my cheek against his smooth cock. I took his cock in my hand, sliding my tongue up and down on it, slurping it like a lollipop. Soon I took him in my mouth, bobbing my head up and down rhythmically over Jake's long, hard cock. I shifted my position to allow my throat to stretch towards him. I took his cock out of my mouth, took a drink of wine, and started lapping my tongue all over him. When he was completely wet, I bent down and in one motion, took his whole cock down my throat. I started massaging his balls, working the cum up his shaft. Leaving his cock fully in my throat, I started rimming the head with my tongue while tickling his balls. I kept working on him while he exploded into my mouth, shooting his hot cum down my throat. I swallowed all that I could but a little dribbled down my chin as I licked him clean. I looked up at Jake and smiled as I asked him if he was now ready for desert.

I headed out to the kitchen, bringing back a tray with bowls of chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and a fruit bowl filled with plump strawberries, and bananas. I watched Jake's cock start to spring back to life as I took off my apron and sat on the table in front of him with one high heel planted on either side of him. I smiled at him as I picked a piece of fruit from the bowl, a strawberry. I dipped the berry in chocolate sauce, bringing it to my body. I ran it around my throbbing nipples…sliding the berry down my body leaving a trail a chocolate sauce. I ran the berry up and down my pussy lips. Using my other hand I opened my lips wide, sliding just the tip of the strawberry into my pussy….leaning back on my elbows, I smiled at Jake and told him desert was ready. His cock was now fully erect again. I leaned back as Jake began licking the sauce off of my trembling body, sucking chocolate off of my nipples before he pulled my pussy closer to the edge of the table so he could eat the strawberry out of me….lapping up my juices along with those of the strawberry's. After he had gotten all of the strawberry and chocolate sauce, he reached for a pealed banana and dipped the tip into the whipped cream. Following my lead he painted a trail a whipped cream down my body as he headed toward my quivering puss. The cold whipped cream made my pussy tingle as he ran the banana along my lips….slowly he slid the tip of the banana inside me, making me gasp and moan. He slid the banana in and out of my pussy, gently fucking me with it before taking his first bite. Slowly he ate the banana out of my dripping pussy, flavored with my juices. Jake licked me and sucked me and played with me until I was mindless with lust.

He feasted hungrily on my wetness, tasting my juices welling up from my hot depths mixed with the tastes of our desert. I writhed under his mouth as he continued to lick me, spreading my thighs as wide as I could and thrusting my pussy up at him, urging him to penetrate me with his tongue as far as he could. He ventured further down, onto the taut skin between my pussy and anus, and onto my tightly puckered ring, now slick with juice. I couldn't help gasping as he teased my rosebud. His tongue traveled back up to my clit, throbbing, waiting for its pleasure. He sucked it, sliding his lips along its little shaft, teasing the end with the tip of his tongue. I was gasping faster and faster, and with another high cry I tipped over the edge. I felt my gush of hot juice flowing out of me and onto his face as I bucked madly against him. We both took a few minutes to clam down, I stroked him and kissed my juices off of his face as my breathing slowly returned to normal.

After a while he pulled me down onto his lap, I guided the head of Jake's cock into me and impaled myself easily on him, smiling in delight as his cock slid into me mmmmm.....I leaned back a little so we could both watch, as his cock, shiny and wet with my juices, slid in and out of my pussy. I lifted up high enough so that just the head of his cock stayed in me....and then lowered myself again....grinding my pelvis against his while he cock thrust in me sooo deep …. I teased him a little and, when I lifted up, let him slip out of me...I took his cock in my hand and slid it back and forth along my dripping pussy for minute..... rubbing his cock against my throbbing clit before sliding him back inside me. I relished the feeling of Jake's wonderful hands on my ass, teasing my rear entrance, as I slid up and down on his shaft.

I rode Jake for a long time, bringing him up to the edge and letting him subside, playing with him until he was begging me to let him come. As I began to milk him with my internal muscles, I could feel his orgasm building. I gyrated my hips, grinding my clit against him, gasping as my own orgasm swept over me in a rush, my pussy clenching Jake's cock with the contractions of my climax. My juices oozed over us without ceasing, lubricating our bodies as they moved against each other. Jake cried out as his climax hit exploded in him. The spasms of his cock were incredible as he shot load after load into my pussy.

We sat for a while nibbling and kissing, lavishly stroking one another as we both came slowly back down to earth. Jake whispered to me that he would have to go out of town more often if this was the kind of homecoming he was going to get. I smiled and reached down between us, stroking his cock. Feeling it respond to my ministrations Looked into Jake's eyes and told him that I wasn't finished welcoming him home yet! 'I'm drained,' Jake replied doubtfully. I grinned at him. 'Oh, I don't think so,' I said, 'Not when you hear what I want now, I have a new toy I want us to play with!' He grinned, suddenly coming to life. I reached down to stroke him as his arousal grew. 'See?' I said, 'look how eager you are'. His gaze was heated as he watched me jump off of his lap and run into the bed room to get my toy. When I returned I knelt on all fours, presenting my ass to him. My buttocks were splayed and my ass beckoned at him. I heard him groan as I wiggled my ass at him. I watched his face as I brought my toy into view, an anal vibrator, and presented him with it. Jake dipped his fingers into my pussy, lubricating them with my juices before bringing them up to my little asshole, pressing first one then two fingers into my tight anus. I moaned as he stroked them in and out, opening me. Then his fingers pulled out and were slowly replaced with the long thin vibrator. He slid it fully inside of me before turning it on. The vibrations made me cry out in excitement! Jake gripped me by the hips, sheathing himself inside of me in one long stroke. I moaned deep in my throat, and wriggled, pulling his shaft from side to side, milking him as he stroked in and out of me. I could tell from his raged breathing that the vibrations coming from my ass were having as much of an effect on him as they were on me! I came quickly, shuttering as the vibrations combined with Jake's thrusting continued to take me over the edge time and again. As my last orgasm subsided I felt Jake clench and thrust deeply as his orgasm over took him forcefully. His cum poured into my pussy and down my thighs as he pumped more and more into me. We both finally collapsed on the floor, gasping and crying with joy. I smiled up at my sweet, exhausted lover, 'welcome home darling'.

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